Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday, November 9, 2014 - Watch-o-the-Day #3

Seiko quartz diver's watch circa 1990.  I know that because it has a calendar on the back with a small dot punched by the date so I know when to replace the battery ('92).   I wouldn't want to be caught at 200 meters down when the battery dies now would I?  Hahaha!  It has been all the way down to about 10 feet or so.  The really good Seiko diver's are mechanical automatics, but this quartz version is still fairly collectable and may be worth more than I paid for it.  It is in pretty nice shape for it's age.  I wish I was!  While digging through the watch drawer I found an old wedding ring that used to be too big, but fits now.  My hands (and feet) are still pretty puffy and none of the watches I have with a metal band will fit unless I put a link or two back in.  I hope most of my extremities shrink back down to normal soon.  ;-)

Hugs from Texas!

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