Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6, 2014 - Watch This!

I am addicted to watches.  I've got a drawer full of them.  Nothing too fancy mind you, just a big assortment including a Tissot chronograph, Bulova skeleton auto, vintage Seiko digitals from the 70's, mechanical Oriental Erotic (NSFW), Nintendo game watches, Abacus (Palm OS), a whole bunch of Walmart $8.88 specials, etc. etc.  No fancy-shmancy Rolexes (okay, a couple fakes) or the like.  My wife tells me I should sell them all and then I could get a fancy-shmancy one (Breitling Navitimer perhaps?) but right now I'm quantity over quality, and if I did sell them I could definitely use the money for something more reasonable, like, say, food and shelter.

The one I am wearing below is my present favorite, a Citizen Eco-Drive radio controlled chronograph that my wife got me a few years back.  Why am I posting this on my TSW blog?  Because I haven't been able to wear a watch for a year and a half and I am wearing one!   Yay!  I am essential over my last flare and am back on my slow uneven rocky road to recovery.  Hands are better as noted, but so is my general disposition.  Feet and ankles are still a problem, but hey, they do look better, and I am not taking any pain or antihistamine medication regularly.  As innefective it has been, I am knocking on wood like crazy right now.

Here's best wishes for speedy recovery to all you TSW Warriors out there and hugs from Texas!


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