Monday, November 21, 2016

Friday, November 21, 2016 - Knocking on Wood

A quickie.  I feel fantastic!  I'm better than before the last flare and I'd say I'm 98% healed, the 2% due to a couple persistent itchy spots, the worst of which is the top of my right foot.  If I scratch myself anywhere that area will break out for a few days, but so far nothing persists more than that.

I'm really reluctant to post here lest it jinx me, but then I am always saying I do not believe in the supernatural, so what the heck.  I fully suspect that I will go through at least another "anniversary flare", and if it follows past ones it will happen next summer (my 4th year anniversary will be July 9, 2017), and will be less severe than prior flares, but take longer to get over.  So, I am not declaring victory just yet.  But damn, it feels so great to feel normal!

An interesting side note that other vets will likely appreciate.  I have heard that TSW survivors acquired a sort of PTSD, and I always thought that was a bit out there.  I mean, sure, it has been a tough road at times, but nothing like many, if not most, folks have gone through or, in the case of my wife Robin, will go through for the rest of their lives.  Yet when my sister in Seattle called me and asked how I was doing, I had an emotional meltdown.  I also find it difficult to post here, even though I have much to talk about, and many more watches to show!  Haha!

That's it for now other than to wish everyone an awesome holiday season and may great healing be coming your way!  Hugs from Texas!