Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014 - Watch-o-the-Day

I regret not taking more pictures to document my progress, so I thought it would be fun to photograph my left hand on a near daily basis, each time wearing one of my watches.  

This one is a very special watch, even though I have never worn it in public and it was only very recently acquired.  It is from Disneyland in 1994 when my ex-wife and I were there with our then 2 year old twin daughters.  On a gift store on Main Street there was an official Disney artist that would custom draw your favorite characters on a drawing board, then electronically shrink the drawing down and mount it in a watch.  Dumbo was (and still is) one of my favorite Disney films of all time and I still can't even think of (let alone watch) the scene where Dumbo's mother is locked up and can only touch Dumbo with her trunk without getting verklempt.  So, we had a Dumbo watch created:

I went through a divorce when the twins were 6, and I have not seen this watch until just recently when my ex-wife gave it to me.

Here's the scene I mentioned:

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  1. My daughter loves that movie and when she was little, she went through a phase of watching it every day. She has a little collection of soft dumbo toys and a pin of him having a bath from our trip to Disneyland Paris.

    Your watch is gorgeous and even more special in that it is one of a kind. I'd take that over a Rolex any day!