Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 3, 2013 - No More Protopic

I went to ITSAN and read what I could about Protopic.  I learned that even though it is not a steroid, it is an immunosuppressant and can have rebound effects just like steroids.  I stop using it.  In the following days my symptoms become worse, especially the temperature control.

At this point it becomes very difficult to function.  With fatigue from so little sleep, the constant itching, and being hot and cold, I am not being productive at work and am missing time.  My first grandchild is born and its all I can do to go to the hospital.  I can no longer sleep with my wife as the bed is too soft and causes prickly sweating, beside keeping her up all night.  I move onto the living room couch.  It is leather so it is easier to vacuum up the constant supply of skin flakes.  The only way I can sleep at all is to leave the TV on for a distraction.  I usually watch the Science Channel and have become an expert at astronomy.  I take 2, 3, sometimes 4 baths a day.  That is the only time I feel comfortable.  For some reason being submerged in warm water causes the itching to disappear for an hour or so.  Every evening the insane itching begins.  It starts usually in my arms.  I know I should not succumb to the pressure to scratch, but it is beyond my ability to do so.  Once I start, it spreads over my entire body.  I keep my fingernails filed completely down, but I still manage to break the skin which immediately erupts into a weeping mess.

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