Friday, February 21, 2014

February 20 - Let There Be Light!

I found this Bad Boy on eBay and am now the proud owner. It's a nearly new National Biological Panosol II 6 footer that will pump out 600 watts of 311 nanometer narrow band ultraviolet light, enveloping my poor wretched body with the warm loving healing power of the gods!

I have full cooperation from my dermatologists at UTSW, which is a good thing since it is a controlled device that requires some secret code the doctors have to get from the NSA or something. I have to go in to the UTSW phototherapy department to get some training before I turn it on. It seems they don't want to fry myself to a crisp. I appreciate their concern.

I have high hopes, but realistic expectations. Many folks have claimed that UV-B NB therapy greatly helps, especially by reducing itching, but others claim it does not help. We shall see.

By the way, my hands are significantly better. I did a couple nights of Vaseline with surgical gloves and the cracks went away. I think most of my problems now are exacerbated by my inability to resist scratching.

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