Monday, June 11, 2018

Sunday, June 10, 2018 - Yep, Another Flare

I'm approaching my 5 year anniversary and I've been hanging on to feeling good and enjoying it every day but I have had a nagging feeling that another flare was going to happen.  Maybe because of the heat, I dunno, but every year right about now it has happened, and it is happening again.  Damn it.

It's a little different this time in that it came on quickly.  In just a couple days the hands got significantly worse, the neck broke out, the creepy crawly feelings are back, and I am having trouble sleeping.  Nothing terrible yet, so I am hoping that it will be mild and short lived.

I was really hoping to take Robin to Disneyland this August and I am still making plans, TSW be damned.  My daughter is a photographer at Disneyland and the last time I was there was about 6 years ago with her and her twin sister.  Robin has never been to a Disney anything, and I am hoping she will love it as much as I have virtually my entire life.  It will be especially sweet because my other twin daughter will be visiting from Australia.

While there, I am tempted to make an appointment with Dr. Rapaport, the Beverly Hills dermatologist who pioneered Topical Steroid Withdrawal, just to give him a hug.  It was his work at UCLA that shed light on Red Skin Syndrome and made millions aware of the dangers of topical steroids.  He co-founded ITSAN, the organization that helped me so much through the bad times.  Dr. Rapaport and ITSAN have unfortunately parted ways, but I still love them both.

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