Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday, March 31, 2018 - Still Feeling Good!

I haven't updated in a while, so I thought I'd pop in and say I am doing great! 99% healed and I think that is as far as I'll get. I still have allergies, after all, so I deal with contact dermatitis. I use safflower oil when needed on hands and feet and if there's an itch I still keep Allegra anti-itch cream on hand, although I hate to use any commercial products. I suspect another flare is on the way, as they always show up when the weather warms up.

As I mentioned last post, the areas that are persistent, namely my hands and the tops of my feet, may never heal because way back in the 60's when I was about 10 years old I recall having radiation treatment done on them to treat my eczema.  Not sure how many times this was done.  My primary memory is having a very heavy lead shield placed over my body and the nurse leaving the room before I was zapped.   I have never heard of any one else that has had this done.  I try not to worry about what this did to my body.  Between this and being a "downwinder" I suspect I know my final fate.  In the meantime, I will enjoy life as much as I can.

That reminds me, one thing that has helped me lately is a bit of a philosophy adoption.  My son-in-law from Australia has taken up "Stoicism" which may be the worst name ever given to a philosophy.  It implies being "meh" about everything, but is actually quite the opposite.  One of the main ideas is to accept the things that you cannot control, such as going through TSW, and not let them ruin your life.  Take on each day as if your life is brand new and do what will make you the best person you can be.  To learn more, look up on Facebook or   One thing I like about it is that it does not rely on religion.  Those that know me personally know why that's important to me.  No worries, I won't get into it on this blog.  Haha!

Hugs from Texas!


  1. Thanks Dave, I need to see you’re improving as an encouragement.’im almost hitting two years and my extremities are the worst and I think im going through a flare just like you did when you hit your two year mark :( im 32 years old though so I definitely didn’t use steroids as much as you did but I feel like I’m in this for the long haul

  2. Hi Karin! Thanks for dropping in! Yeah, TSW is such a crapshoot. I am the longest user of steroids that I know as I was using them pretty much since they were introduced. I trust you will heal much sooner than I am taking.
    I was just looking up the date when corticosteroids were introduced and ran across this gem: "By 1960 all of the toxic effects of chronic corticosteroid administration had been described, as well as protocols to withdraw such drugs while minimizing symptoms of cortical insufficiency."
    Doctors prescribe topical steroids like it's candy even though the negative effects have been known since their introduction.

  3. Dave, 62 year old Scot going through TSW, 6months in. Just noticed you are on thyroid meds, I just started, for subclinical hypo. what meds are you on? Allan

    1. Hi Allan! Thanks for posting and good luck on your TSW journey!

      I take 120 mg Armour Thyroid due to a shot thyroid gland. Also I have had a partial thyroidectomy to remove a benign growth.

      I am a "Downwinder" which means I lived near the Hanford nuclear facility in Washington State in the 50's and was exposed to iodine-131 when it was purposely released into the atmosphere. It settled onto dairy farmland and ended up in milk. Ingested iodine ends up in the thyroid gland and can damage it.

      When I first started having symptoms of TSW but before I knew what it was, in researching symptoms I found that many people claimed that their health improved by switching from Synthroid (levothyroxine), an artificial thyroid hormone that is the most commonly prescribed, to Armour Thyroid, a naturally derived hormone made from pigs. I suggest that anyone taking thyroid mediation do some research into this, as it is a fascinating story about the pharmaceutical industry. Long story short, when Synthroid first came out the drug makers had to create demand so they made a lot of false claims against Armour Thyroid. It worked. Switching to Armour Thyroid made no difference for me, but I have remained on it out of principle.

      Hugs from Texas!

  4. Dave, Allan from chilly Scotland, I think my red skin syndrome has gone but I have issues with a rash on my lower legs which I think is due to hypothyroidism, (called myxedema). Have you ever been tested for adrenal insufficiency? very common for folk like us who have used steroids since the 60's.

  5. Hi Allen and thank you!. No I have not been tested for adrenal insufficiency. Although I do not have any of the classic symptoms (such as low blood sugar or pressure) I will ask my doc about it next time I am in.