Friday, January 8, 2016

Thursday, January 7, 2016 - Watch-o-the-Gosh-I-Dunno and Happy New Year!

With thanks to Debi (you know who you are!) for the incentive to post, here's my latest horological addition!  My daughter got me this for my 61st birthday and it is my new favorite.  It's a Seiko Coutura Perpetual Solar.  I have a weakness for completely analog watches (see Week 6) and particularly like how this watch shows the date.   The normal time seconds are shown in the sub-dial at 9:00 and what would normally be the second hand is showing the date.  It also serves as a stopwatch second hand when the watch is put in stopwatch mode.   The day is indicated by the pointer on the 12:00 sub-dial (that also shows the solar power reserve when in stopwatch mode).  The sub-dial at 6:00 is very unusual in that it shows the time in military time with 24 hours being one revolution of the hour hand.  Probably can't tell from the picture, but it shows the time as being 2:23 am. More on that later.  This sundial also serves as an alarm clock, but the frequency of the alarm sound is almost completely blocked by my tinnitus.  By the way, this a relatively expensive watch, and how my college student daughter managed to get one will be left to my wild imagination.

Oh, and I can wear my wedding rings again now too!  I must say, this one compliments the watch quite nicely.  :-)

As far as how I am doing, I have had minor setbacks in rashes on hands and feet with the subsequent itching (not sure which is cause and effect) but nothing like a flare or anything and I continue to otherwise feel great!   I got in the habit of staying up till the wee hours over the holidays and am having some trouble getting back on schedule.  The holidays were awesome, and I hope that you TSW Warriors out there have a great 2016 with great healing.

One more item I thought I'd share since I have mentioned my mom on here before.  I had a birthday over the holidays and received a package with two gifts from my oldest sister today.  One was a small urn containing some of my mom's ashes, which blew me away because I thought I helped spread all of her ashes over Odell Lake in Oregon during the summer of 2014.  There was a second gift that is my favorite gift of this millennia. My mom was a really good cook and had some special recipes that she held close to her heart.  Things such as Yorkshire pudding, Hungarian Goulash, Chicken Tetrazinni, Norwegian cookies, and the like.  Karen made copies of her original hand-written recipes and put them in a recipe box decorated with pictures of my mom with me and my family.  I can't tell Karen or anyone how much this gift means to me.  Thank you.

Hugs from Texas!

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  1. Yay Dave! Hope every day is bringing you more healing (and sleep)... thank you so much for the mention! Hugs, Debi