Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 17 - Okay, So That Was Stupid

So, I have become convinced that not using moisturizers is a way to speed up healing during TSW. The trouble is, there's a withdrawal period associated with it where your condition will get worse. I have tried it before and not made it vey far, but that was when I was spending a large portion of my time in the bathtub. So, I thought I'd give it a go again. A quick warm shower (as opposed to my normal long hot shower) and off to bed, with no Vaseline at all. The itching was terrible but no worse than normal. I was very crispy in the morning and went to work. As the day progressed I felt worse and worse. My skin all over was dry and flaky, but my hands became riddled with small painful cracks. When I started to get the cold sweats and shaky, I gave up, put on Vaseline and went home.

What's stupid about it is that I have been trying to heal enough to make a trip to Seattle to see my Mom. I should have waited. Hopefully, I will improve soon, but it feels like another flare has begun.


  1. Wow my eczema is like yours. Maybe worse..... my problem repeated infections....on antibiotics every 6 weeks since May 2013

  2. Sorry man. I just got back from seeing my dernatologist and she took a biopsy on my foot and is putting me on a round of antibiotics again. I talked to her about moisturizer withdrawal too, and I will make a new post about that. Thanks for stopping by!