Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday, September 3, 2017 - Slow Improvement

A few months into this flare and I improving, although much slower than I hoped.  The ever-present insane itching of hands and feet are the primary adversary at this point, but my eyes and skin elsewhere have improved to the point where I am not ashamed to be seen in public.  I am no longer putting nitrile gloves on at night, nor am I taking hydroxyzene, although it seemed to make little if any difference anyway.  I never resorted to using Ambien again, although it was tempting to see what crazy stuff I would do.  Oh, and since I mentioned them before I feel obligated to report that the privates have mostly recovered and have reported back to duty.  Life is good.


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  2. You really think I'll let you post an advertisement on my blog for a company that sells steroids? WTF.

  3. Have you tried a garlic water bath?

  4. Check out, look for the pages on how to use crushed raw garlic

    1. Thanks Anonymous! I have improved since the last post and no sign of MRSA or other infections. If I flare again and it is an issue I will give garlic a shot. Hugs from Texas!