Friday, September 12, 2014

September 12, 2014 - Knock on Wood!

I am now in month 14 since stopping steroids and it’s been a while since I have posted an update. I am very hesitant to post this lest I jinx myself, but being someone that does not believe in the paranormal, I am going to post anyway…

I am better!

The infamous one-year flair was a doozy, but I am improved to a better state than I was before the flair. I am functional! Since my last post:

- We travelled to Oregon for my Mom’s memorial service. It was an awesome celebration of life.

- We celebrated my grandson’s first birthday. Cutest kid in the universe.

- We attended Texas Tech’s first football game of the season to watch my daughter march. I missed all last year. We won!

- We travelled to Washington for my niece’s wedding-in-the woods. It was epic!

- I hosted the Texas Hold’em tourney at my house with co-workers for the first time in a year. I won the first game with 7-2 offsuit!

- I am completely off Ambien. I started getting scary vertigo and decided I’d rather not sleep, but I have been sleeping pretty well without it.

- I am using much less hydroxyzine. That’s the only drug (other than thyroid pills) that I still use.

I still have a ways to go. My skin is better, but still a mess. The itching is still crazy, but before it was turbo crazy. I’d post pictures but I look pretty much like previous pics except the eye poofy thing is gone. I am stunningly handsome again.

My heart and best wishes goes out to all TSW warriors. Hugs from Texas!

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  1. Great to hear you are doing well and life is treating you right. TSW is a rollercoaster!