Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014 - Fun with Skin Flakes!

First of all, let's pause and remember those that gave their all for the USA so that we can live as free people.

I'm slowly recovering from the last flare and don't have a lot to share that's new, so I thought I'd share this:

Although I have skin flakes that look like this, this is actually a corn flake! Hahaha! I freaked my daughter out by pretending to pull this off my foot, and she was like "OMG Dad!" when I showed it to her. She almost blew chunks when I popped it into my mouth. Hahaha! Maybe I'm not the best father in the world after all.

Here's some obligatory hand and foot shots. I actually feel better than these look, however the return of the elephant skin is annoying.

I'm in a bit of an experiment right now as my prescription for hydroxyzine ran out last week and the doctor has not renewed it. Plain old ibuprofen seems to help, but it is hard on the liver. I'll take it easy. I still take half an Ambien at night, and it's very effective. It also causes me to have very lucid dreams. I actually had a dream the other night where I realized I was dreaming and could do anything I wanted. I'll keep this family friendly and not say what I did.


  1. Gosh Dave, it all looks so sore. And yes, you got me with the cornflake prank!! I nearly blew chunks too. You're being so brave and doing so well. Keep going, we're all rooting for you! Hugs x

    1. Thanks! It's really not that bad. The damn itching though. If I could just resist, I think I would look much better. Hugs back.

  2. Hahahahahahhahahahahah! The cornflake thing!? I HAVE to do this!

  3. Sick. But very very funny prank. Your poor daughter!

  4. Hi Dave, I commented on the Baby Pibu Amazon site. I got a scary reply/answer. A woman said she was using the products on her 3 month old baby. And loving the way they worked!!!! This is awful. 3 months old! Ugh!